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uno zero nursery image

Fully Washable Matt

Zero Mould

Zero Bacteria

Zero Odour

Zero Emissions

Infinate Colours

Uno Zero

Sanitizing washable matt paint. ZERO bacteria and ZERO mould. With certificate of antibacterial activity: it incorporates silver ions that confer resistance to the growth of bacteria (99.9% reduction in 24 hours) and mould to the dry film of paint already applied. ZERO emissions and ZERO odour: with A+ low emissions certificate, it also has a very low concentration of VOC volatile organic compounds: 0.2 g/l, 150 times less than what is required for its category. It does not emit an odour when applied, it allows spaces to be set up immediately without discomfort. Available instore or Online by Monto Paint Decorating Centre Athy County Kildare.

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