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Monto Smart Pure Air Paint 4 Litre


Photocatalytic coating that purifies and purifies the indoor environment by reducing gaseous pollutants and substances that are harmful to health (for example, formaldehyde or NOx). It also works by breaking down and eliminating bad odors. Certified photocatalytic activity, it acts once the paint film is dry and as long as it remains in good condition. It also offers excellent features as decorative paint: smooth matt finish with high coverage and resistance. With bactericidal and viricidal efficacy test.

Monto Smart Pure Air Paint 4 Litre

SKU: 89765
  • Applications

    • Clinics, hospitals, nursing homes...
    • Sports centers, indoor swimming pools, changing rooms...
    • Food processing plants, supermarkets...
    • Inside
    • Masonry
    • Cement, Plaster, Concrete, Brick
    • Old matte paints well adhered
    • Due to its low emission and low odor characteristics, it is especially recommended for interiors.
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