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Green Masking Tape
This high quality masking tape is perfect for protecting surfaces when painting. It is made of durable material that won't rip or tear easily, ensuring your paint job will look professional. It is designed to be easily removed after use, leaving no sticky residue behind. This masking tape is ideal for quick and easy protection when painting walls, cabinets, and furniture. Get the job done right with this reliable masking tape.

Green Masking Tape

  • Duration

    7 days indoors

    Recommended for high-end decoration

    Thanks to its resistance to moisture, you can create effects with total confidence.

    Temperature resistant

    It can resist temporary temperature peaks of 90°C thanks to its 135 micron semi-crepe paper, with a high-performance solvent rubber adhesive.

    Moisture resistant

    Durable even in tough jobs like wet sanding

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