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Colorless transparent wax based on natural waxes for the protection and maintenance of supports decorated with Crea Chalk Paint.


SKU: 989087
  • With a cloth or rag that does not shed lint or threads, take a small amount of Crea Cera Chalk Paint and apply evenly over the entire surface to be protected. Repeat the operation in those areas where the wax has not reached well. After 10 minutes, rub gently with a soft cloth if you want to obtain a shine.
    The more coats of Cera Crea Chalk Paint, the gloss and water resistance will increase.
    It is possible that when applying the Crea Chalk Paint Wax, the cloth is stained by the Crea Chalk Paint. This does not create color mixing or smearing problems.
    If the finish obtained with Crea Chalk Paint is very whitish and dusty to the touch (chalk effect), the application of Crea Cera Chalk Paint will reduce this whitish and dusty appearance by slightly increasing the colour.
    It is possible to use Crea Cera Chalk Paint on other supports to protect and obtain a natural finish. On unvarnished furniture, proceed as if it were finished with Crea Chalk Paint.
    On supports such as Microcement, it must be taken into account that Crea Cera Chalk Paint is not suitable for floors or for covering bathroom walls or wet areas.

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