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XL Rond Microfibre Silk ø60 Roller

XL Rond Microfibre Silk ø60 Roller, Extra-fine finishes on textured walls and ceilings.

The great revolution in interior acrylic paint application thanks to the finish and coverage it provides.

Especially recommended for textured walls where we want to achieve a fine finish despite the uneven surface.

It provides outstanding performance, which will make your work  much more productive.


Fine finish also on textured walls

Due to the composition of its material and length of 18 mm, we will achieve a perfect finish on uneven surfaces with less effort.


Mark- and splatter-free ceilings

We can reduce roller marks thanks to its thread length, while also minimising splatter thanks to the microfibre


Larger area in a shorter time

The premium microfibre with 18-mm polyester makes it possible to stretch the paint out further.


ROND, anti-mark rounded ends

Rounded ends for cutting-in and to prevent marks.

XL Rond Microfibre Silk ø60 Roller

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