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Filler Roller ø50

Filler Roller ø50, Application of filler and plaster on walls

Part of the INNOVATIVE Alisa surface preparation system.

Thanks to the weave of its thick polyamide thread, you’ll be able to take filler or cement materials to the wall with ease.


Shorter loading and unloading times

Load and unload fillers in less time than using traditional tools thanks to this roller’s fibres.


Distribute directly on the surface

You can load and distribute the filler or plaster in one step.


No need for expensive machinery

This is a good solution when you can’t connect a professional spray machine and save time.


Recommended for use with the Alisa smoothing range

If you want to cut down times and improve your finishes even further, we recommend using this tool in conjunction with the entire Alisa smoothing range.

Filler Roller ø50

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